donderdag 20 mei 2010

Ruben 1 Year

Ruben wordt 1 jaar daarom dit mooie kaartje.

Materialen; Scrappapier My Minds Eye
[ Bohemia - Wild Asparagus ],
3D kit, bolpen, embossingmatje, snijmesje, collal fotolijm,
knoop van artemio, organzalintje, cricut,
cartridge Don Juan, bloem, randpons van tonic.
Stempel; boom van de stempelmakers.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Karin: This a very cute card. I love all your fun details and the 3-D images. Isn't this fun that we can still be friends even though we live a world apart? Your Blog is beautiful too. Hugs, Melanie

  2. This is gorgeous! :) I love winnie the Pooh!, and this is so great for a little one! They will treasure it always!

    I love the folds on this too - I must have a go at one of those cards. xx

  3. een zeer vrolijke en leuke kaart


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